Quicknet ltd provides internet services and hosting solutions

Who we are

At QuickNet, we provide hosting and related Internet based services. We primarily focus on providing networking solutions using high speed Internet to small, medium-sized enterprises as well as large organizations.

We give attention to your ICT needs, and ensure that these needs are met by providing tailor-made solutions and value added services utilizing the latest in networking technologies.

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More about us

To offer IT solutions at affordable price, while leading the way for providing innovative solutions.
Empower people using the power of the internet.

Our Core Values

CUSTOMER FOCUSED: Customer service driven company, which means sustained optimum service is our main concern and will continue to remain our #1 driver.

INTEGRITY: To uphold the highest standards of integrity in all that we do and maintain a high standard of ethical conduct.

TEAMWORK: To build and maintain, long-term professional and win-win relationships with our clients, employees, and industry partners.

EXCELLENCE: We are focused on being a high driven performance company whose goal is to achieve optimal mutual results. We are available 24/7 to listen to our clients and embrace continued improvement.

TECHNOLOGY: To adopt the latest in the dynamic global industry so that we are able to offer the most advance solutions.

PEOPLE: To invest in human resources, training and capitalize on their skills and knowledge base of our team.